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Living well with a healthy diet, preventative care, and affordable, timely medical care allows us to live life well rather than focusing on survival. Your dollars allow United Way of Greater Texarkana to fincially support critical health-focused programs in our area.

Funded Programs

Thanks to your generous financial support United Way of Greater Texarkana is able to help fund the following programs in our community:

Opportunities, Inc.: Elderly Services (SWAAA), Early Childhood Intervention, & Senior Day Center

Opportunities Eldery Services provides residental and support services for low-income elderly, allowing them to remain independent in their homes and community for as long as possible. The Senior Day Center assists adults who have medical needs with services that enable them to remain out of nursing homes or long-term care facilities for as long as possible. The Texas Early Childhood Intervention program fosters early learning and development for children, ages birth to three, who have developmental delays and disabilities.

Domestic Violence Prevention: Child Safe Program

Domestic Violence Prevention's Child Safe program provides the skills and education necessary for children to be prepared to live independently and safely outside of the shelter.

Randy Sam's Outreach Shelter: Prescription Assistance Program

The Prescription Assistance program allows residents to obtain access to medical appointments rather than using the emergency room for non-emergency cases. The program also provides access to prescription medication for clients who would otherwise be without life-sustaining medication.

Senior Citizens Services of Texarkana: Meals on Wheels and Congregate Meals

Meals on Wheels is designed to provide nourishment that meets the dietary needs of homebound seniors and other disabled individuals who would otherwise go hungry. The Congregate Meals program provides a noon day meal at seven area senior centers which help prevent isolation for many eldery people by giving them a place to socialize with their peers.

Runnin' WJ Ranch: Therapeutic Riding Program

The mission of the Therapeutic Riding Program is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with special needs and htose who are challenged with disabilities and/or situations in their lives which are dibiliating.

Temple Memorial Rehabilitation: Therapy Assistance

The Therapy Assistance program provides access to health care to those that otherwise would be unable to afford it. Temple Memorial seeks to ensure that all people with disabilities, special needs, or functional limitations have equal opportunities to live, learn, work and play in their communities.

Texarkana Resources for the Disabled: Supportive Living

Texarkana Resources Supportive Living program, through independent living training and support, is designed to assist adult men age 18 and over with developmental and intellectual disabilites to acquire, retain, and improve self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the community.

Southwest Arkansas Counseling and Mental Health Center: Therapeutic Foster Care

The purpose of the Therapeutic Foster Care program is to train twenty-five foster parents to become co-therapists in the home by providing specialized evidence-based therapeutic training in a home-based setting in order to provide the child in their care with a permanent home.

CASA of Northeast Texas: Texarkana Children's Advocacy Center

The Texarkana Children's Advocacy Center exists to provide a safe place for victims and their families to receive comprehensive services from dedicated professional interviewers, nurses, counselors, and advocates in a child-friendly atmosphere through a coordinated team approach.

Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank: Backpack for Kids Program

The Harvest Texarkana Backpack for Kids program provides access to nutritious foods for chronically hungry children who depend on school provided meals as their primary means of nutrition.

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